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A sitting fee is payable when you book your appointment. You should receive an appointment time confirmation, contact us if you do not receive the confirmation email.


NIPISSING UNIVERSITYRoom M113 at the Monastery

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LAURENTIAN UNIVERSITY – Human Kinetics Students

Frequently Asked Questions: Grad Portraits

Q. How much do the photos cost?
A. Our packages begin at $55 and single items begin at $29. Compare anywhere!

Q. How many photos do you take?
A. There will be a minimum of 14 to choose from.

Q. When do we see the proofs?
A. Right Away! Within a few minutes of having your photos taken we will email you a link to your online gallery. You can forward this email on to others that may want to see the images or place an order.

Q. How much time do we have to order?
A. There is no specific time frame in which you have to order as we will keep the photos on file for approximately 2 years. Some special offers are time sensitive.

Q. What happens if I don’t like my pictures?
A. This is a rare occurrence as we have been doing professional photography for over 35 years, and out of the 16 or so photos we take we are confident that several will be great! So relax, you will be happy.

Q. Are there any ‘less formal’ pictures taken?
A. Yes. Along with the traditional gown/flowers/diploma poses we also do a few casual shots without the gown (often used by employers for websites). You can wear anything you wish.

Q. Can we have someone else in the photos?
A. Yes. We encourage graduates to bring someone else to have a few photos taken with. The maximum number of people we can squeeze into a photo is 5.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Ladies should wear an open neck under the gown as it looks elegant. A few may still prefer to wear a white blouse with a collar as it is very traditional. Gentlemen should wear a white shirt with a dark tie. (For your convenience, we have a small selection of shirts/ties for you to borrow)

Q. How long before my appointment should I show up?
A. Please arrive approximately 15 minutes early to allow for gown fitting and last minute grooming details.

Q. What happens after the pictures are taken?
A. We send you home with everything you need to place an order with us. You will have an order form, information sheets and an email link to your proofs.

Q. When will my photos be delivered?
A. Expect to see your photos delivered 8-12 weeks after we receive your order. Delivery time varies based on volume. We always put quality first. Photos are shipped via Canada Post with tracking.

Q. If I order the USB what is included?
A. The USB will include all the images taken at your sitting. There will also be a document on the USB stating that all images are copyright free, that means you have the right to use or reproduce the images as you wish. The images are very high quality and may be slow to open.



Canadore College – Main Campus Room C104

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